About Us
We are  Golden Wire co. classified as welding company. Our Co. established in 1992.

The company will specialize in the trade of all kinds of welding wire.

We offer flux-cored wires for a wide variety of steels such as mild-steel, high tensile steel, steel for low-temperature applications, heat resistant low alloy steel and stainless steel.

We also provide various kinds of flux-cored wires for zinc-coated steel sheet and painted steel sheets.

The Steel's welding materials ranging from covered electrodes and semi-automatic welding wires, to wires and fluxes for automatic welding, are all produced under rigorous standards.

Product & Services
Each product is highly acclaimed by industries. Added to that we can provide  a TIG Welding Machine , MIG Welding Machine (Including :Industrial, Multi-Process, Advanced Process), and Plasma Cutting system(that can cut any conductive material). As well as we can provide a Portable Oven,
Rebaking Oven, Portable Automatic gas Machine, Portable Shape Cutting Machine, Portable Cutting Machine,
Acetylene Regulator , Oxygen Regulator, Acetylene Cutting Tip, Propane & Natural Gas Cutting Tip, Impact Drill, Rotary Hammer, Straight Grinder, Angle Grinder,
trode Holder, Earth Clamp, Tungsten Rod, Cup Wire Brushes, Wheel Wire Brushes, Hand Wire Brushes, Also Clothing of a Welder, leather welding gloves, welder boot, welding leather jacket, welding goggles, Leather Apron, Leather Hand Sleeve, Leather Leg Guard,
Welding Helmet With Lens, Ligh
t Reactive Helmet, and Journeyman Heavy Duty.

Safety Shoes   Cutting Wheel   Generator
Helmet   Welding Wire   Safety Dress
welding equipments   Gloves   Oxygen welding
torches   Helmet   Furnaces

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manager  : Jaafar Al Kazzaz

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